Glove Art By Jaymes Dudding

What Is "Glove Art?"

It's one of those stories of a happy accident, like the discovery of penicillin.  For years Jaymes collected discarded gloves he found on sidewalks, work sites, next to garbage bins and anywhere else he spotted them.  He didn't have a purpose in gathering worn out gloves - Jaymes' usual media are clay and ceramics - but it seemed the more he collected gloves, the more he found them.  It was as if the gloves were finding him.

In 1994 a purpose was discovered.  Jaymes and his roommate at the time - a fellow artist, of course - learned they both had collections of odd articles; Jaymes had his gloves and his roommate collected discarded wire.  Creative ideas started flowing and thus began a new element of Jaymes' artistic creations.  In the twenty plus years since, he has created around fifty sculptures using old gloves.  His proudest and most famous of these unique sculptures is "Firefighter's Memorial Flag," a tribute to firefighters the world over but particularly to nineteen firefighters who perished on June 30, 2013, while battling the devastating Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona.

Leslie Linthicum wrote a very interesting full article about Jaymes and his glove art and the Firefighter's Memorial Flag in Albuquerque Journal's November issue of 2013.   A copy of that article has been saved in PDF format here: Glove Art Reflects American Spirit.